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The Rise of Laptops and Tablets The UK has been a pioneer in the development and adoption of home computers. In the early 1980s, the UK led the world in home computer ownership. Sinclair Research successfully commercialized computers at a price point affordable to ordinary British consumers. The iconic ZX Spectrum introduced a generation to… Continue reading Property News
Latest statistics show that in 2023, in regards to the best cities for investments, Manchester tops the list with an average rental return of 5.5%!   When looking into the investment projections for properties, we study 5 key factors. Average rent, changes in rental returns, fluctuations in property values within the past 10 years, the… Continue reading Property News
Exchanging License Once you arrive in Britain, you can continue using your Hong Kong driving license. After 12 months you must exchange your license to continue driving. You will need to become a UK resident, living in the UK for 185 days in each calendar year, in order to exchange your Hong Kong driving license… Continue reading Property News
The British Ministry of Education announced that it will relax the qualifications of overseas teachers to teach in England in early 2023. Teachers from other countries can apply for teaching qualifications as long as they meet the following requirements.     The British Ministry of Education hopes that the introduction of new policies that encourage… Continue reading Property News
UK to test Four-Day Work Week!   The pandemic has indefinitely changed our way of life. To test for maximum productivity, research organisations teamed up with 70+ companies to try out the four-day work week. With 3,000+ employees working four days a week until December this year, the impact of shorter working hours on business… Continue reading Property News
Manchester is the most developed city in the UK, after London. With an abundance of job opportunities and a much more affordable cost of living than London, it is quickly becoming the most popular and accessible location for local citizens, immigrants and investors.   In recent years, Manchester’s economic development has accelerated at a rapid… Continue reading Property News