Best UK Cities for Greatest Investment Rental Returns

Latest statistics show that in 2023, in regards to the best cities for investments, Manchester tops the list with an average rental return of 5.5%!


When looking into the investment projections for properties, we study 5 key factors. Average rent, changes in rental returns, fluctuations in property values within the past 10 years, the rates of the city’s vacancies, and renters to city population ratio. Looking deeply into the statistics thereof, the rankings are yielded:


-1. Manchester

-2. London

-3. Bristol

-4. Cambridge

-5. Peterborough

-6. Milton Keynes

-7. Luton

-8. Reading

-9. Southend

-10. Coventry


Deserving of its No.1 spot, research into Manchester shows that since 2020, value of Manchester properties increased by 5.6%. Moreover, 31% of the local population rents within the private property market. Property owners are satisfied, and also provides healthy space for the property market in Manchester to grow and appreciate. As a result, both rental and rental yields in Manchester are significantly higher than other cities in the UK.


With its continuous growth and amazing work done in city planning and developments, Manchester is attracting diverse demographics from all around the world. Alongside the lessening of Covid related restrictions globally, Manchester is soon making its mark as one of the more prominent cities in the world.


Source: SingTao