Property Investments & Migration

Why investors, and developers across the globe are choosing AP Assets?

AP Assets accelerates your success in the market by recommending property development projects, both for investment and owner-occupancy. We assist investors and developers to achieve their goals with integrated commercial property services delivered by experts who take initiative, think creatively, and collaborate to achieve.

Our approach and professionalism seeks a deeper understanding of the subtle business drivers and market dynamics which can influence your property decisions, paired with a drive to exceed expectations with innovative solutions. We thrive on challenge, and have the tenacity to get it done.

What can we assist you with?

  • Manage your purchase from start to finish
  • Financial Advice
  • Mortgage Services
  • Taxation Consultation
  • Legal Counsel
  • After-sales service
  • Property & Lettings Management
  • Migration

Professional & Personalized Services to fulfill your needs

A Comprehensive & Stress Free Consultation, One-Stop Marketing Agency

AP Assets helps to capitalize on opportunities in the market by recommending suitable property development projects, both for investment and owner-occupancy to clients. We provide our clients with a series of complete and professional services, from purchasing, financial to tax consultation. Our extensive after-sale services also includes property management, lettings, rental collection and the re-sale of properties. Providing a broad and stress free service to our clients is our goal.

By forming strategic alliances with reputable realty companies around the world, we plan and design different projects to promote overseas properties. Clients can certainly maximize their benefits and seek insights from an efficient and knowledgeable agency like us.


AP Assets provide professional immigration lawyers to assist immigration applications in different countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Portugal, Malta, Ireland, Taiwan, Japan, Spain, Australia, and Canada.