UK to test Four-Day Work Week!

UK to test Four-Day Work Week!


The pandemic has indefinitely changed our way of life. To test for maximum productivity, research organisations teamed up with 70+ companies to try out the four-day work week. With 3,000+ employees working four days a week until December this year, the impact of shorter working hours on business productivity and employee’s mental wellbeing are measured.



Employees will be paid as normal during this period!


Surveys have shown that more than 50% of companies are willing to abandon the traditional five-day work week model as they see the benefits of cutting hours to improve employee productivity.


Research will analyse employee responses to taking an extra day off a week, including stress, fatigue, job, life satisfaction, health, sleep, energy use, travel and lifestyle, among many others.


Ultimately, the results yielded will be referenced and used when implementing future working hours policy in the UK. At present, many European countries are considering shortening the working hours of employees per week. 

For friends that are looking into immigration, job opportunities, or overseas investment in the UK, with enough of us manifesting, the 4-day work week might just become reality! 


Source: Singtao Oversea Property