UK Relaxes Eligibility for Overseas Teachers: Benefits Hong Kong Teachers Looking To Move

The British Ministry of Education announced that it will relax the qualifications of overseas teachers to teach in England in early 2023. Teachers from other countries can apply for teaching qualifications as long as they meet the following requirements.



The British Ministry of Education hopes that the introduction of new policies that encourage more equal rights will attract qualified teachers from a global landscape. The new registration conditions include:


1. A degree of the same academic standard as a UK bachelor’s degree


2. Completed teacher training to at least the same academic standard and training duration as the initial teacher training course in England


3. At least one year of teaching experience after obtaining teaching qualifications


4. Qualification certificate equivalent to GCSE level 4 in mathematics; primary school teachers must hold a qualification certificate equivalent to GCSE level 4 in science


5. Prove that English proficiency is at least CEFR B2 level; or from other English-speaking countries; or have an English degree


6. Possess the professional qualification to become a teacher in the area where the teacher’s license is obtained, and is not subject to any teaching conditions or restrictions


The UK Department of Education will provide further details upon this matter coming autumn. For Hong Kong teachers looking to settle in England, look out for this amazing opportunity!


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